Announcing Avalon 5.0

Announcing Avalon 5.0


Indiana University and Northwestern University are pleased to announce Avalon Media System 5.0.

Release 5.0 adds the following capabilities:


·      Organization and Sharing Features

o   Create private or shareable Playlists

o   Add whole audio and video files or clips to playlists

·      Content Ingest API

o   A lightweight API for importing metadata and links to existing derivatives into Avalon.

·      Access control enhancements

o   IP based access control

o   “Date digitized” field for master files.

o   Grant access permission for items for set periods of time

·      More granular searching

o   Searching now includes section and structure labels

o   “Date digitized” provided as admin facet.

·      Accessibility phase 2

o   Support for ingesting/delivering captions in VTT and/or SRT files

o   Player shows captions when available

o   End user can toggle captioning on/off via player control - mouse and keyboard.


Users of Avalon 4.0 can take advantage of these new features by Upgrading Avalon 4.0 to Avalon 5.0.


For a more comprehensive list of changes, see the 5.0 release notes.


For more details on each of these new features, visit: What’s New in Avalon 5.0

Please feel free to try Avalon 5.0 on our public test server ( before installation.



•          Installation options include virtual machine image, manual installation, and puppet upgrade. More information on all available options can be found on the Avalon web site’s Download page:


We welcome your feedback on Avalon 5.0 via the avalon-discuss-l discussion list.   Join the discussion list at


Best regards,


Jon Dunn

Evviva Weinraub

Avalon Media System Project Co-Directors