Avalon Team Updates

Demo for Sprint 127

Avalon demo for sprint 127 is now ready for viewing.


The following features are highlighted in this Avalon demo:

Demo for Sprint 126

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 126 is now available for viewing.


The following features are shown in our latest public demo video:

Avalon Receives New IMLS Grant

We are pleased to announce that the libraries of Northwestern University and Indiana University have been awarded a National Leadership Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to support continued work on Avalon as part of a project titled Avalon Media System: Integrating audiovisual collections with research, digital preservation, and a sustainable developer community.


Avalon Media System 6.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Avalon Media System 6.0 -- the first official release of Avalon running on Fedora 4. Over the last year, the teams at Indiana University and Northwestern University have worked to redevelop Avalon on Fedora 4 using the latest Hydra components. This release offers full-feature parity with Avalon 5.1.

Demo for Sprint 119

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 119 is now available for viewing.


Demos for Sprints 115 & 117



The Avalon team's demo for sprints 115 & 117 are now available for viewing.


115’s demo highlights:

“Second Scrubber”

·      Extra view on track (or segment) level metadata for an item in Avalon.

·      Corresponds in time and length in offset.

·      Key feature for Variations migration.


“Avalon Wipeout”

Cloud-based Hosting Announcements

One of the major goals of the current phase of Avalon, supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is evolving Avalon to include a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) option in order to help grow the Avalon user base.


The Avalon team is excited to announce 3 recent steps made towards cloud-based, hosted solutions:


1)   The Avalon team has successfully completed a number of necessary upgrades towards cloud based services.


Sprint 102

The Avalon team's demo for sprint 102 -- showing our new waffle.io board, walking through our current design for a playlist marker and demonstrating RuboCop in our development branch -- is now available: https://pawpaw.dlib.indiana.edu/media_objects/avalon:9641



Announcing Avalon 5.0

Announcing Avalon 5.0


Indiana University and Northwestern University are pleased to announce Avalon Media System 5.0.

Release 5.0 adds the following capabilities:


·      Organization and Sharing Features

o   Create private or shareable Playlists

o   Add whole audio and video files or clips to playlists

·      Content Ingest API

Community Development Assessment Update

In the past few months we have not only located ten media researchers at Northwestern University, but also conducted our first round of observations and interviews. With the diary study a few weeks underway as well, we wanted to share some of what we're learning so far about how academics use media in their research, and how Avalon could better serve their needs.