Avalon Forum

Please note: the Avalon Forum has been retired and folded into the regularly scheduled Avalon Round-Table Meetings.



The Avalon Forum was a former meeting of the Avalon Community, including developers, librarians, administrators and the general public. 


Schedule:  The Avalon Forum is now part of the regular Avalon Round-Table Meetings.


Ryan's Final Avalon Forum Video!

What's next for Avalon and the Avalon Round-Tables and Community?  Watch this brief video.



Prior Avalon Forum Meetings are linked here:


July 10th, 2019

Notch 8 Presents: the Persona User Management Module

Rob Kaufman of Notch8 details the work-to-date of the upcoming Persona module - a user management component for those who need to manage users outside of the local LDAP system.  


June 12th, 2019

Artefactual and Avalon Integrations

Ashley Blewer from Artefactual shares a demo/ walk-through of the work to date for the integration of Archivematica to Avalon.  This includes scripts, workflows and discussion of challenges and priorities of the Artefactual/ Avalon team.


May 15th, 2019

Avalon Round-Tables and Avalon 6.5

Ryan Steans discusses the newly formed Avalon Round-Tables, a new many-to-many community effort for Avalon users and adopters.  Jon Cameron discusses Avalon 6.5 (released June 3, 2019), featuring several IIIF based new features such as manifests, timeliner and sturctural metadata editor.  


March 13th, 2019

Avalon & Open Journal System/ Avalon Timeliner Tool


Researcher Marcel LaFlamme will discuss how the scholarly journal "Cultural Anthropology" utilizes Avalon to supplement and support written content with audio and video, sharing ideas how Avalon can bring new life to your scholarly publications.


Avalon has been working with Digirati toward the development of the Timeliner tool.  This feature will enable folks to create a visual representation of audio files.  Examples of use cases include music faculty who wish to show learners how music is broken down into components and parts via visualization on the timeline of an audio file.


February 13th, 2019

Avalon at University of Houston and Structural Metadata Editor development -  Emily Vinson shared details of how Avalon is implemented at UH, their use cases and how they’d like to develop their use of Avalon. 

The Avalon team talks about the new Structural Metadata Editor, which will enable users to create navigation within any Avalon media.


January 15th, 2019

The Avalon Community in 2019 - Ryan Steans, Avalon Community Manager, discusses how you can engage the Avalon teams at Northwestern and Indiana, how to get started with Avalon and get help doing so, co-developing with the IU and NU teams, and what's coming up.


December 12, 2018

Avalon Upgrade at Virginia/ Hyrax Batch Ingest - Mike Durbin at UVA discusses the upgrade process they recently took to get to Avalon 6.3.  Sadie Roosa of WGBH and the AAPB teams with Chris Colvard at Indiana to discuss Avalon batch ingest work that will benefit the Hyrax community.  


November 14, 2018

Lyrasis/ Avalon SaaS Pilot/ IIIF and Avalon - Carissa Egan of Lyrasis discusses an Avalon Software as a Service Pilot conducted at Lyrasis in 2017.  Brian Keese of Indiana University discusses IIIF (International Image Interperability Framework) and Avalon development.


September 12, 2018

Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS)/ Avalon Roadmap - Jon Cameron of Indiana University Libraries discussed OHMS integration with Avalon and Davis Schober of Northwestern University Libraries talks about the Avalon Product Roadmap.  Learn more about where we're headed over the next year and how you can use Avalon to wrangle your Oral History projects.


July 11th, 2018

Avalon at Indiana Univ. Music Library/ Metadata Development for Avalon 7 - Phil Ponella from Indiana University discusses how the Music Library has utilized Avalon to provide course content to students and manage concert materials.  Jen Young from Northwestern University demonstrates an audiovisual worktype for Hyrax and related metadata that will enhance Hyrax and Avalon.


June 13th, 2018

eReserves at Northwestern University/ IIIF & Avalon - Avalon users at Northwestern discuss how faculty request media, how they decide to use Avalon as the hosting solution, and how they place the material in a course.  Also - the Avalon team discusses International Image Interoperability Framework and how that will be applied within Avalon in version 7.


May 2nd, 2018

Inaugural Avalon Forum - History of Avalon and the goals of the Avalon forum.  Presenters:  Evviva Weinraub (Northwestern), Jon Dunn (Indiana), Ryan Steans (Avalon Community Manager), David Schober and Jon Cameron (Avalon Product Owners), Maria Whitaker (Avalon Scrum Master), Chris Colvard (Avalon Tech Community lead)