Avalon Forum

A monthly meeting of the Avalon Community, including developers, librarians, administrators and the general public. 


Schedule:  The second Wednesday of every month, 4:00 Eastern

Join us on July 11th at 4:00, Eastern!


Topics will include:  



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June 13th, 2018

eReserves at Northwestern University/ IIIF & Avalon - Avalon users at Northwestern discuss how faculty request media, how they decide to use Avalon as the hosting solution, and how they place the material in a course.  Also - the Avalon team discusses International Image Interoperability Framework and how that will be applied within Avalon in version 7.


May 2nd, 2018

Inuagural Avalon Forum - History of Avalon and the goals of the Avalon forum.  Presenters:  Evviva Weinraub (Northwestern), Jon Dunn (Indiana), Ryan Steans (Avalon Community Manager), David Schober and Jon Cameron (Avalon Product Owners), Maria Whitaker (Avalon Scrum Master), Chris Colvard (Avalon Tech Community lead)