Avalon Features - Release 5 and beyond

Releases 1 - 4

Release 5 (R5): June 2016

Support IU MDPI/Large collection management. Support for moving from Variations to Avalon. 

  • Playlists:

       Adding clips of media items to playlists;

       Edit, re-order and move playlist items to other playlists

       Create public or private playlists

  • Content ingest API
  • Access control enhancements:

       IP based access control

       Leases for access control (Start/end dates for user and group access on items)

  • Accessibility phase 2

     Support for ingesting/delivering captions in VTT and/or SRT files

     Section labels able to be searched

  • Fedora 4 planning

Release 5.0.1: July 14, 2016 - Bug fix release

·      Inconsistencies in Avalon’s media player on some mobile device browsers

·      Captions intermittently failed to appear on the media player when enabled

·      Users would occasionally encounter error screens when searching


Release 5.1: July 28, 2016 - Feature improvements release

·      Added functionality for playlists: markers

o   Create and edit specific time points on scrubber

o   Visual list (in chronological order) and scrubber points

·      Variations import for playlists

·      Various bug fixes 

o   Apostrophes in media objects causing a load failure 

o   Various smart phone display bugs 

o   Error handling for users clicking multiple times on upload


Release 6 (R6): October 2016 Feature parity with R5 but on Fedora 4


    • Fedora 4, Hydra 9, Solr upgrade
    • New Models for Fedora4
    • JS media framework decisions
    • Ruby on Rails upgrade
      • Ruby support for 2.3

    Easily Edit/Import Structural Metadata

    SAAS Preparation

    • AWS experiment
    • Develop AWS infrastructure map
    • Running AWS Hosted Pilot
    • Pricing Models for SAAS

    Additional transcode engine support

    • Zencoder or amazon elastic transcode decision
    • Rework AWS Instance when Materhorn is removed
    • Better local transcode support

    Improvements to Playlists

    Documentation & Transparency

    • Server Mapping
    • Improve Manual install and upgrade instructions
    • Move JIRA to Waffle/Github
    • Fedora 4 Upgrade Path instructions
    • Documented migration path from Variations
    • Code style guide and standards
      • Set RuboCop profile as part of build

    Contributions to IIIF Framework

    Enable codeclimate against a repo